Orphan Sponsorship

The Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) said,

I and the person who looks after an orphan will be in Paradise together like this,”

reports Al-Bukhari, describing the motion as raising his forefinger and middle finger together.

There are 153 million orphans worldwide children without one or both parents to give them a home, safety…and, most importantly, love.

A family environment

A complete family unit is an environment that allows a child to thrive and achieve their full potential. Good health and education are just some of the positive outcomes from a cohesive family atmosphere.

This brings happiness to a child’s life

For many orphans, the threat of poverty is constant: where will the next meal come from? Where are we going to live? If we get sick and can’t afford medicine…will we survive?

And if they make it through this childhood of hunger, poverty and insecurity, they have little hope for a better life. Without an education and the tools to support themselves, there is small chance of a brighter future ahead.

How your sponsorship is utilised

Directly to an orphan and family 0%
Support services i.e. social workers 0%
Administrative costs 0%
Generate funds for more orphans 0%

Your sponsorship will bring a smile to an orphan

Your ongoing assistance ensures that they have a roof over their head, and food on their plates. It will enable them to attend school with books and stationery, as well as provide healthcare when they become ill.

We don’t just take care of their physical wellbeing – like all children, they deserve to be safe and happy too. Your sponsorship will mean they receive Eid presents and attend summer camps, sports classes and fun day trips. A social worker will visit regularly to ensure that everything is going well.

In other words, when you sponsor an orphan, you’re not just giving a gift…you’re giving them an entire childhood.

Islamic Relief’s orphan sponsorship programme already supports over 50,000 orphans around the world – Bring a smile home today!

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