Winter Relief

A staggering 768 million people worldwide live on less than $2 a day.

Displaced from their homes by violence and conflict, day-to-day living is an immense challenge.

Now, as temperatures continue to fall in many parts of the world, without adequate food, fuel and shelter, these vulnerable individuals are facing an ever greater struggle to survive.


245kr will provide blankets for a family in Lebanon

485kr will provide a family with blankets and mattresses in Yemen

965kr will provide a family in Syria with a Winter Pack

It is a basic human instinct to stay warm and dry when it is cold outside. Most of us can avoid freezing temperatures, snowy blizzards and cold rain by wearing warm clothes and staying indoors.

Unfortunately, millions of people all over the world are not so fortunate. Families, individuals and vulnerable people living in damaged shelters or tents all will suffer from the bitterly cold winter nights.

Many of them will struggle to survive.

You can share a little warmth this winter. You can donate towards blankets, mattresses, and winter clothes. Your donation can help a vulnerable family, displaced people and refugees survive this winter.

Donate now and share a little warmth.