Although vast improvements have been made since the 1991 conflict, Albania remains one of Europe’s poorest countries. There remains high rate of unemployment and very little opportunities for the population

The situation is particularly acute in rural areas, where poverty is rife, with poor access to clean water and sanitation as well as education.


Islamic Relief began working in Albania in 1991, delivering large shipments of food and clothes and have been working there ever since.

As well as providing support in Ramadan and Qurbani, alongside orphan sponsorship, we also deliver many other projects. We build roads, water systems and irrigation networks in rural areas to improve communities’ ability to earn a living and support themselves.

We set up a school in Shkoder in 1991, as well as running a community centre there since 1994, providing vocational training to thousands of people over the years to help them gain employment. This has been so successful, we opened another training centre in Koplik in 2006.

We have been building roads, water systems and irrigation networks in rural Albania since 1999.

Our orphan programme in Albania started in 1993. Orphaned children in Tirana, Shkoder and Pogradec receive a regular allowance, which provides for their basic needs – including education, healthcare, and social assistance.

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