Despite the withdrawal of foreign troops, the UN estimates that 100 people die every day in Iraq. In addition to the ongoing violence, power cuts, water shortages and rising fuel prices make life unbearable for ordinary Iraqis on a day-to-day basis.

With an infrastructure that has been destroyed by war, damaged water and sanitation systems allow diseases like typhoid, cholera and dysentery to spread and hospitals struggle to cope, with critical medicines and supplies barely available.

Islamic Relief in Iraq

Islamic Relief began work in Iraq in 1997, supplying medical equipment to hospitals to help them tackle leukaemia and other illnesses. We also distributed Qurbani and Ramadan food distributions, benefiting thousands of Iraqi families, and supported orphans through one-to-one sponsorship.

As we were already present in Iraq before the most recent conflict started, we were one of the very few aid agencies who remained and supported the people of Iraq throughout the conflict. As well as immediate assistance, like emergency food distributions and health equipment, we also repaired several schools and health centres that were badly damaged during the conflict.

Today, we are continuing to help rebuild  and reconstruct a damaged Iraq, establishing a tuberculosis treatment centre and providing sustainable clean water supplies, as well as continuing our work with schools and health centres. Due to conflicts in surrounding areas, we also support thousands of displaced people, including refugees of the Syrian and Palestinian conflicts, who have fled their dangerous home countries to seek safety in Iraq.

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