Jordan is a small desert country with only 4% of land fit for growing crops. As water supplies are scarce, resources are stretched to breaking point.

A high proportion of the population of Jordan is made up of refugees, with 35% of the population estimated to be Palestinians seeking safety, over half a million Iraqi refugees, and most recently, refugees fleeing the fighting from Syria.

With the increased population the employment opportunities are rare, leaving many families unable to support themselves. Also, with many refugee camps dotted around the country, where the conditions are extremely poor – there is little or no access to water or electricity, squalid conditions which lead to disease and vermin infestations, and a severe shortage of doctors and medical staff to treat illness.

Islamic Relief in Jordan

Islamic Relief began working in Jordan in 1997, supporting orphans through the orphan sponsorship programme, as well as seasonal food distributions in Ramadan and Qurbani projects on a yearly basis.

More recently, we have increased activities to support refugees in camps, particularly al-Baqa’a camp for Syrian refugees.

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